Simple Notes to Complex Enemies.


Anxiety, I swear you find me at the worst times. You tell me to think about things that don’t even deserve a second thought. You grip my chest in  a way that breathing becomes almost impossible. You make my heart race and tears fall from my eyes. You crush me and twist my emotions until I feel insane. You make me fear things that are out of my control. And when we fight, you tend to win.

But, here’s what I say to you, Anxiety:

Yes, I am afraid. Yes, I am overwhelmed. Yes, my life is not going how I expected. Yes, I feel weak when you barge in. Yes, I feel helpless when you take over. And yes, I feel like giving in when you put up a fight. But no, I refuse to stop fighting. No, I am not crazy. No, I have people who love me. No, you won’t rule me forever. And no, I won’t let you dictate my happiness.

So, don’t get too comfortable, Anxiety. Because I refuse to keep you around.

Until next time,


I wish to be sleepless in Seattle…


I wish to be sleepless in Seattle...

This photo was taken around this time last year when I ventured off to visit my brother up in Washington State. Oh, the joys of Seattle. Many speak of great depression and a gloominess that rests on the city, but I find it to be exciting. I find it to be peaceful. I find it to be…home. When asked what draws me to the dreary state, the only thing that comes to mind is, “Well, people understand the brilliance of the sunlight there.” It seems as though people all around have become so accustomed to the dark. A nature of pessimism has definitely taken its tole. The scarceness of sunlight makes one appreciate the days the sun peeks through the clouds. As a New Mexican, and temporarily a Missourian, I have known sunlight my entire life. The glory of sunlight has faded. I wish to be in Seattle, because I wish to “awe” at the sun again.